Monday, November 17, 2008

Whirling Dervish

Last night, Abby and I went to dinner at Cafe Mesale Restaurant in a market behind the Blue Mosque, and they had a whirling dervish show during dinner. The dervish spun in one place for the duration of each song. Sounds simple, but it looks impressive.

The good news was that we were seated right next to the show; the bad news was that people kept crowding our table to get pictures while we were trying to eat. Abby politely asked one woman who camped out for half an hour to please not hover directly over our meals (she did so in Spanish - muy impresante).

Today, we wandered through the Spice Bazaar. I remembered the camera but forgot the memory card, so such memorable photos as "giant jar of leeches" will have to wait until our visit to the Grand Bazaar. We eventually found the highly-recommended restaurant Hamdi et Lokantasi, and I had a very nice Iskender Kebap for lunch, while Abby stuck with the always-reliable shish tavuk (chicken).

In the afternoon, we made our way over to Valens Aqueduct, built around the 4th century AD. Tomorrow, we will most likely make our way over to the government ferry up the Bosphorus.

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